Get to Know Me in 18 Questions

Hey, beautiful! I’m back, and I’m doing the Get To Know Me in 17 Questions tag!

I have told you quite a bit about myself, but I was running out of ideas to write a post about, and decided to go with he lazy blogger route and do a tag…

I found this on a blog a while ago, but I forgot who, so I’m sorry for not giving credit…

  • What is your favourite movie(s)?

Okay, well I don’t know how to answer this because I’m a movie fanatic!

But I will have to settle with The Harry Potter series, Paranormal Activities series, The Saw franchise, The Internship, and Anchorman. I’m sorry, but I can’t choose! I remember that day 23 from the 50 days of random things challenge asked me a similar question, so you can see that.

  • What is your favourite colour?

Blue or Black 😛

  • What is your favourite book?

I have a post on my favourite books, and I will be updating it soon, but my all time favourites are Looking for Alaska but John Green and Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver.

  • What are you excited to watch?

I am so excited to see the Looking for Alaska movie that is supposedly coming out it 2016.

  • What’s on your bedroom wall?

My walls are beige, and I painted on some lyrics with black nailpolish, plus I have some IKEA frames up.

I think I’ll do a room tour sometime soon…

  • What’s your favourite song?

I can’t really choose that because it changes overtime but you can check my music category to see what I’m into at the moment you’re reading this.

  • What’s a great weekend for you?

Having a chill night in with some popcorn and a movie marathon, maybe write a couple blogposts, or just listen to music and read a book.

  • What extra has to be in your carry on?

I usually just carry my phone, headphones, a good book, my laptop, and maybe a snack.

  • If you weren’t answering these questions right now, what would you be doing?

I would probably be reading a book (I know I’m boring you don’t have to tell me 😛 ) or just writing a couple blogposts. Maybe text Jana or Mariam, nothing special.

  • What’s on the top of your wishlist?

I have a couple wishlist posts which you can check out, but I think I would choose the Nikon D3200 24.2 MP Digital Camera with 18-55mm Zoom Lenses. This is my dream camera! 

  • Do you like to be alone or with people?

I love being alone, my family hates it, but I like alone time…

  • What’s your favourite show?

Again, the sam thing with the books and movies, I like too many to choose, but at the moment, I’m loving iZombie, American Horror Story, and The flash.

I recently put up a post with my favourite TV shows at the moment if you want tot read that.

  • What do you think about yourself?

I think I’m sarcastic, a bit funny, boring, sweet and loyal. Shy with new people and annoying as fuck with my friends.

  • What do other people think of you?

I asked my best friend and I qoute: ‘I think that you are a loyal amazing potato friend that is smart and you are sometimes awkward so I think that you want to kill me so I stop talking.‘ I laughed so hard when she sent that.

  • Who’s your favourite villain?

I love Jigsaw from the Saw movies- he’s always ahead of the game!

  • Most hated villains

I don’t know who’s my most hated villain to be honest.

  • Favourite character?

My favourite character has to be Tate played my Evan Peters in American Horror Story.

  • Most hated character?

I hated Draco from Harry Potter. He just got on my nerves like no one else.




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