The Last 3 Book I Read

Hey, beautiful! Today, I’m going to be sharing the last three books I read, and my thoughts on them.

I have been doing pretty good with finishing a book every week, which is kind of my goal.

I will try to do this every month or so, but to keep updated to on what I’m reading at that exact moment, you can see my little ‘book I’m reading at the moment’ widget thing on the side.

(The first book is the last book I read, and the second is the one before that, and so on and so forth)

  • Never, Always, Sometimes by Adi Alsaid

This was such a cute contemperary! If you like romance and adventure, this is the book for you.

The whole book revolves around a list, and at the end, the list is just… I won’t spoil it.

The ending was, AHH! I really wanted more, but at the same time, I really loved it. I teared up a bit, but then just ended up smiling like an idiot.

This book just is amazing in general. 4/5 recommend it to you for sure!


  • Will Grayson, Will Grayson by David Levithan and John Green

I mentioned this book in my Big Book Haul post, when I was still reading it. I read it in record time, and enjoyed it a lot. Not my most favourite book, but it was amazing.

John Green is one of my favourite authors, so I went on a monsterous book hunt for all his books, and I got most of them, just missing Let It Snow. 

I give this a 3.7/5. (Weird number…) And I recommended this to Jana, my best friend, and she’s reading it now, so I’ll post her opinions on twitter if you want to see that.


  • The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

This book is just epic! Epic is an understatement! This was one of the best trillers I’ve ever read, and just WOW!

This had me on the edge of my seat the whole time, and just… amazing!

Every other chapter just makes you want to finish this book even faster! The characters are just so deep and they grow so much through the book.

This book was just an amazing read! 5/5! One of my favourite books!





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