Big Book Haul!

Hello, beautiful! I got my amazon shipment today, and I just wanted to share the books I bought with you.

I also bought some makeup, but that will be in a different haul which, I think, will be up tomorrow.

I think that’s it for the introduction, so let’s just jump into it!

It talks about two best friends that make a list of high school clichés that they will never do, but during the year they realise that the clichés are what make high school.

I can’t wait to read it, and I will make sure to update you on it when I do. You can check out my little widget which tells you what book I’m reading at the time…


My friend recommended this to me a while ago, and I kept this in mind when I order my book stash.

I’ll just paste a customer’s review here, as I don’t think I can’t capture the book’s whole idea if I didn’t read it. So here it is:

Cath is starting college at the University of Nebraska, but she’s not your typical freshman. She’s nerdy and awkward and comes with bucketloads of social anxiety, and she’d much rather stay in her dorm room writing fanfiction than get drunk at a frat party. She’s always depended on her twin sister for her social life, but Wren wants to have the hard-partying college experience and has refused to room with Cath, who gets stuck with an intimidating older student. Many of the elements here are common to coming-of-age stories–there’s first love and family drama–but Fangirl is also about writing, and being a fan, and it encapsulates the experience of being a social misfit in college. Or at least, one experience of it: having a lot in common with Cath, I had to reconcile myself early on to the fact that there are differences (major differences) between her freshman experience and mine–but those are details; on an emotional level I found this story to be real and true.

…Cath doesn’t get a makeover or become a wild child or give up fanfiction.


This was a classic that my friends always recommended to me, and I never really got around to it.

This is supposed to be set in the mid 80’s, it’s a story of two outcasts, misfits, but smart teenagers. It’s a desperate battle to fight for their first love.

So many people have been talking about this book for the last year, so I decided to jump on the train -even though I’m really late…


I loved this book from the time I read the plot summary.

It talks about this guy who receives a package with a box of cassette tapes from a girl named Hannah, who was his classmate and crush; she committed suicide a couple weeks prior. In the cassette tapes, she lists 13 reasons why she decided to end her life.

Like how can you not want to read that?! And Sripurna from, mentioned in a comment once that it was a really good book, so why not?!


This is gonna sound lame, but my English teacher recommended I read this book. We’re close(ish) so it wasn’t the first time for her to recommend a book, and this was a classic anyways, so why not give it a read?


Okay, so this came up in my recommended area thing, and when I took a look at it, it juts grasped me…

It is following the journey of  Elyria when she leaves home and goes to New Zealand. Her sanity is deteriorating as the wild city life of New Zealand eats at her brain, especially after her sister’s death. That’s all I know right now. I’ll keep you updated!


I started reading this book this morning, and it reminds me a lot of Girl Online, even though this came out first; but who am I to say anything? I just started reading the first couple chapters. Again, I will b updating you guys, either on here, or on twitter.DSC04298

If you have been reading my blog for a while now, you know that one of my all time favourite books is Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver. So I decided to go on and buy Vanishing Girls. And the fact that people say that it is like Gone Girl but sweeter, just really pulls me in. I can’t wait to start this!


I’m just gonna mention this, because it is one of the cutest bookmarks I’ve ever owned! It’s this really beautiful detailed metal feather bookmark. I got this for $4 and free shipping, and that is a great deal for the quality!



(photo feat. Eleanor and Park)


(photo feat. Looking for Alaska, AKA one of my holy-grail-amazing-all-time-favourite books)




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