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Hey, beautiful! Today is Friday, so I’m back with another post! I decided to do the 5sos tag, because I haven’t done a tag in some time.

If you guys don’t know who 5sos are, what are you doing with your life?! They’re an Australian pop-punk band. Full name is 5 seconds of summer. They include Michael Clifford, Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin, and Calum Hood.

They’re on of my favourite bands as you should know if you read my blog. If you don’t know them, then please google them!

I have some of my favourite songs in a playlist below. Oh and I also wanted to mention that I’m doing a music review on their newest album!

Okay now to the questions!

  • Favourite 5sos EP?

I have to choose Amnesia or She’s Kinda Hot, but I really like the Somewhere New EP too😁

  • Favourite 5sos Song?

AHHH! Such a hard one… I don’t know. From the first album, I have to choose Mrs. All American, and from the new album, I have to choose Vapor or Castaway. But I really like Close as Strangers.

  • Favourite 5sos Member?

I like them all! I can’t choose! AHHH! For the longest time I’ve been a Muke -Luke and Michael- but I’m leaning on the Mashton -Michael and Ashton- side lately. I don’t know! I think I’m gonna go with Michael! Like how can you not?!

  • Have you ever met the boys?


  • How much do you like the 5sos album, 1-10?

I’ll give it a solid 8.7. (weird number😁) I love the songs, but it doesn’t give the band’s pop-punk side credit. I still like it though ❤

  • Do you ship yourself with any of the boys? If yes, who?

If I had to ship myself with someone, I think it would be Michael. We kinda have the same personality, same hair dying obbsesion, and same fucked up mens of humour. I think we’d get along…

  • Have you ever seen or are planning to see 5sos live?

No😭 They never come anywhere near here. I hope they do someday though…

  • Have you ever seen the boys in person?

These questions are really making me want to meet them😓

  • If you ever meet 5sos, what would you ask for first: a hug or a picture?

I think I’d go for the hug…

  • If you ever met 5sos, would you dare ask for a kiss on the cheek?

I would probably be hyperventilating, so no, I don’t think so…

  • If you could choose between seeing them live and bumping into your favourite on the street and talking for 2 minutes, what would you choose?

I would choose talking for 2 minutes. I hope I can actually talk during that time, but I don’t think I will ever meet them in person.

  • Would you rather cuddle with Luke or Calum?

Ahhh! I don’t know, I think I’m gonna go with Calum.

  • Would you rather cuddle with Michael or Ashton?

I choose Michael, but c’mon, Ashton would give great cuddles too…

  • Making out with Luke or Michael?

I don’t know😩 Like I love Michael, but Luke’s lipring! I choose… M..L… Michael… I want Luke too!😫

  • Being Calum’s or Ashton’ girlfriend?

I feel like Ashton would treat his girlfriend like a queen, so I go with ash, sorry Cal

  • Ashton’s arms or Luke’s legs?

Luke’s legs.

  • Michael or Luke in a snapback?

Michael looks awesome in a snapback, so Mike!

  • How do you feel about Calum’s cheekbones?

How can they be so squishy, and so sharp at the same time?😍

  • Luke in plaid or in black?

He is looking mighty fine in the black button up😍

  • Favourite hair colour on Michael?

love the blue hair on him, that’s kinda why I dyed my hair. But I also like how the galaxy and the red looked on him.

  • Selfies with Michael or Ashton?

Ashton for sure!

  • Muke or Cake?

I am Muke af!

  • Whose fashion sense is your favourite?

Calum or Luke’s

  • Who would you rather see naked?

…. Cal…. 😁

  • If you could choose between Luke singing to you, or Calum singing to you, who would you choose?

I feel like I should choose Luke for some reason, but I choose Cal!  *Calum jumps out of Poké-ball*

  • Have you ever had a sexual fantasy about one of the boys?

  • Have you ever dreamt about your favourite member?


  • With which 5sos song do you feel most identified?

Good Girls

  • If you could only choose one 5sos song to play on repeat for the rest of your life what would you choose?

I would choose close as strangers or Permanent Vacation

  • Make-out, fuck, marry, avoid?

Make-out with Luke, Fuck Calum, Marry Michael, and avoid ashton😭


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