I’m Back…

Hey, beautiful! I’m back! I have been on a little break from blogging, and you would know that if you follow me on twitter.

I had to take a couple days off; I had a lot of things on my plate and it was just so much. I had some family issues, and just was emotionally unstable.

These last couple months have been really rough on me, and I hope you understand.

I have been struggling with my metal health and blogging was just becoming too much at the time.

Now that I have had a week off, I feel a bit better. I have started another blog, there I share my thoughts and more personal things, but it’s anonymous.

I know the whole point of an anonymous blog is for no one to know who you are, but I just wanted to say that starting an anonymous blog really helps me get my thoughts out, and if you are having trouble with expressing your emotions, then I really do recommend you staring one.

You can start a tumblr, which is what I did, or you can make a wordpress, or a blogger, a squarespace, anything.

So, all I wanted to say that I will be posting regular posts from Friday, and will continue the 50 days of random things challenge posts from today.

It’s nice being back, and I hope you enjoy my posts.





Snapchat: chickssweet

~Rawan M.