50 Days of Random Things Challenge -Day 29

Hey…Don’t kill me…I missed a day…

I forgot to post yesterday, so here is day 29 on day 30, but I will be posting day 30 today too. 😁

I contemplated changing the date on the post and make things look like I didn’t do shit, but I didn’t want to lie to you guys. So here is day 29 on October 24, when it was meant to be posted on October 23…

The list asks me what my favourite type of music is.

This is such an easy question; my favourite type of music is jazz as you all know… Just kidding!😆 BAZINGA! And yes I meant the Big Bang Theory reference.

As you would know if you have been reading my posts, my favourite type of music has to be rock or pop-punk.

I’m writing a post on why I like it, so I’m not going to be going to far into that. But I will say that not all people appreciate it as much as they should.

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~Rawan M.