Last Thing I Want to Do Before I Die – 50 Days of Random Things Challenge

Hey! I’m back again! Are you sick of me yet? Today is day 28 as you can see, and I still haven’t slipped up. I hope I don’t anytime soon, anyways.

Yesterday the list asked me what is a song that makes me cry, but today it asks me what is 1 thing I want to do before I die.

I automatically think of things on my bucket list, but then I start to think deep. Do things that are just materialistic? That isn’t what I want to do before I die.

All I want to do before I die is be proud of myself; I want to be comfortable in my own skin and say that I fulfilled whatever I had to. I want to say that with confidence.

I have a couple things in my life that have made it different. In my past, a lot of people hurt me, betrayed my trust, and just made that period of my life a living hell. Sadly to say, that has had an affect on me.

So to die feeling comfortable to be me in front of people and be confident is my goal.

It seems all ‘Tumblr-y’ but if you think about it, are you fully confident in your body? If you say yes, then you are one of the lucky people.

but if you say no, you know what I’m going through and how this, deep down is your goal too.

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~Rawan M.