50 Days of Random Things Challenge -Day 26

Hey! I’m back! Again! And I’m using a lot of exclamation marks! Today is day 26, which means that there are 24 days left in this challenge, we hit midway through the challenge yesterday, and I hope to finish this without slipping up…

Okay, today the list asks me if I believe in love at love at first sight- and why. So here is what I think about this.

The idea of ‘love at first sight’ is just something that is planted in out head after watching all those chick flicks.

I never really thought, that one day, a prince charming is just going to be right there. We’ll spot each other from across the room and instantly fall in love. I always thought it was a stupid idea.

Out of all these people in the universe, we just spot each other and fall in love? Tell me how that happens?! 

I believe in feeling a connection when people first meet, but ‘love at first sight’, is just idiotic.

First of all, you have not met this person, and never actually talked to them. All you know is what you heard from people, and that is if you did, and who they look.

Which is just saying: ‘I only like you for your looks, I’m not going to even try to get to know you as we are already ‘in love’.

There’s this whole other part about feeling a connection, spark, etc, but I haven’t seen it happen to anyone I know, so…

And to answer your question, if you haven’t already sensed, I do not believe in love at first sight.

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~Rawan M.