How I See Myself by the End of the Year – 50 Days of Random Things Challenge

Hey! Today marks the midpoint of this 50-day challenge! And I was so close to slipping up and forgetting to post today, but now at 11 something pm, like I’m only 30 minutes away from tomorrow, so I’m just gonna finish this up real quick!

Today the list asks me how I see myself by the end of this year. I’m gonna be talking about 2016 and what’s left of 2015, which is not much T_T.

I don’t really know how to really answer this, and I have a good reason for this. I think you guys can relate to this.

You always feel like your life is so boring, and monotonous, but when we overlook the year on new year’s eve, we find a shit ton of interesting things that we’ve seen, heard, done etc.

So for me to tell you what I see myself as in a year, that’ just crazy. But I do have some things that I hope I’ll be doing by then.

I hope I’m enjoying blogging, focusing on my studies, and maybe have traveled a bit. I also want to take a photography course, so maybe I’ll be doing that.

I hope I look back at this post in a year or two and tell myself that I’ve accomplished a load more than I have already!

Where do you guys see yourselves in a year? I want to read what you guys have to say.

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~Rawan M.