How To Win My Heart – 50 Days of Random Things Challenge

Hiya! I’m back with another post for the 50 days of random things challenge! Today is the 23rd day, so that’s 27 more posts. I’m actually loving this challenge, because it makes me write every day, and interact with you guy! So, today the post asks me to name 4 ways to win my heart. So here it is.

1. Be able to have a laugh.

Okay, now all my family says I have a fucked up sense of humor. And Jana points it out a couple times, that’s one reason why we actually get along so well. So if a guy can laugh at my messed up jokes about drugs, death, and suicide, then he’s just perfect! I swear I’m normal, or at least half.

2. Stay home and watch tv.

I have a couple reasons and issues that make going out quite hard and almost impossible, so staying home and watching a movie, or just talking, is amazing. But if I travel, you also have to be up for a lot of walking and taking photographs.

3. Be an open book.

I don’t trust very easily, and you can thank the people of my past for that, so when I get to know you and actually trust you, then just be truthful and basically an open book, just like I am to you.

4. Have the same taste in music as me.

This one doesn’t sound like it would matter much, but I’m really into music, and music is literally my life, so if a guy is into rock, alternative, or even pop punk then he’s awesome.

(Now that I think about it, he doesn’t have to like all the same music, but he should at least be able to be respectful towards it.

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