3 Books I Want to Be Turned Into Movies

Hello! Hi! Hola! Welcome to a blogpost written by yours truly! Today, I decided I would post about the 3 books I would like to be turned into movies. You guys know my love for literature and movies, so when my favourite book gets turned into a movie, it just makes me happy! So, here is the list.

  • Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

I mentioned this in my favourite books post, and I think it would make an AWESOME movie. All of you and my friends in real life know that this is my all time favourite and there is nothing that is going to top it. If you haven’t read it, then you really should. If you read a summary, it will sound like a chick-flicky type book, but if you actually read it and understand what the meaning behind it is, you will know that this book is something so much deeper. The deeper meaning is how you see life, and how the small things in life make the big changes. It’s just an amazing novel and you should totally give it a read.

before I fall

  • Girl Online by Zoe Sugg

I think I’ve talked about ‘Girl Online’ with you guys before, but if not, then it’s somewhere deep in my drafts, so sorry. But long story short, I read this in a day. I didn’t particularly love it, and now you might be asking your self why I put it here if I didn’t like it; I think it would make a better movie than a book. The book was really good, just not something I would read again. The plot twist at the end made me want to read it faster, but other than that, it just seems like a teen girl’s fantasy put in a book, can even be a fan fiction.

girl online copy

  • An Abundance of Katherines by John Green

I read this last year, and remember just sitting down for hours and ignoring people. Just relaxing and entering anther world; the world of literature. I thought this book was well thought out and one of John’s best works. If you haven’t read AAOK yet, then you really should. I gave it to my friend and I really do think it’s an authentic and original book.






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~Rawan M.