50 Days of Random Things Challenge -Day 21

Salut! Okay, that was weird. I decided to try starting out in a different language, but I don’t think I’m gonna do that anytime soon… Okay, so off that topic. Today, is day 21 of the 50 days of random things challenge, as you can see from the title. Today, the list asks me ‘what’s my favourite book and why?’.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, then you know that Before I Fall is by far my favourite book. It’s such great novel, so well written, and has such a deep meaning. If you read it without really analysing it, it just seems like a chick flick type novel, but if you actually think about it, then you will see that the real meaning behind it is so deep and important. The meaning behind the book is basically, how you look at life and how the little things make a huge difference. I’ve read this 4 times, and would not mind reading it again. Lauren Oliver is my favourite author, and I hope you check her out and read Before I Fall

before I fall

(Yes I know it has my old blog address’s watermark, but let’s not look at that.)


This post isn’t up to date. Check out my book category to find out which books are my favourites now…

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