Pouring My Heart Out – 50 Days of Random Things Challenge

Lately, my best friend and I have been going through a rough spot, but that’s normal for people, right? So this all happened throughout a week’s time. We were close as can ever be, but then a new girl came to our school, and she and I became quite close, not best friends, but really close. Jana, who you all know is my best friend, started to grow distant, and that kinda worried me. Mariam, the new girl, was also very close to Jana, so we decided to confront her.

I’m not going to say what she told me as I think it’s quite private, but she just felt like she was the third wheel, and that she was replaced. Even after she said that she was distant. Not until yesterday, did I find out something really important, and I feel kind of betrayed that she didn’t speak to me earlier. I know this all seems so childish, but if you get what I’m going through you’ll understand. I just wanna say that if you’re going through something and want to talk to me, you can DM on any of my social media, or email me: manjalrawan@yahoo.com.

I know, that this may seem like I’m sharing personal information, but I just had to put that out there. I may not even keep this up, but for now, it will.

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~Rawan M.