10 Songs I’m Loving at the Moment #3

Hey! I’m back with another instalment to the ’10 Songs I’m Loving at the Moment’ Series. If you missed one of them, you can read them right here. This girl on twitter, I’m sorry but I forgot your name, asked me how I find new music, so I’m just gonna dress that real quick. I mostly put on Apple Radio on rock or alternative, and just add the songs that I like, or I find them through social media. Like Consider Me Dead, a band that I will mention later, followed me on twitter so I decided to check them out, they turned out to be an awesome band. I also read music blogs, and they have a lot of new music there too. So I hope that answers your question.

  1. Holywood by RAC (feat.penguin prison)
  2. Run by Coin
  3. We Try But We Don’t Fit by Day Wave
  4. Autumn by Hunter
  5. Lost Boy by Ruth B.
  6. Lay It On Me by Rudimental (feat. Ed Shereen)
  7. Hey Everybody by 5 Seconds of Summer
  8. Like Thunder by Consider Me Dead
  9. I Remember by Jc Galasso
  10. I wanna Fly by Trevor Moran





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~Rawan M.