8 Reasons To Hate Me – 50 Days of random Things Challenge

Hello, and welcome to another blog post by yours truly! Today is day 15 so 35 days left! Today the list asks me to write 8 reasons for me to hate me. I hope you read yesterday’s post which is 9 reasons to love me, so this kinda balances that out.

  • I am sarcastic most of the time

I say most of the time, but I am sarcastic almost all time, and sometimes it comes off as mean, or sometimes people even take it seriously. So that might be a reason to hate me, or if you are sarcastic too, then that may be a reason for you to love me.

  • I swear uncontrollably

If you know me in real life, then I’m so sorry. I swear like a sailor, but when I come on here -my blog- I have a bit of a filter. I don’t completely censor out my swe ing, because that is just like not showing the real me, but I take out 90% of the swearing.

  • Every other sentence that comes out of my mouth is a music, TV show, or movie reference

I will literally be like ‘I pranked you BAZINGA!!’ -Big Band Theory reference-, and my friends will just roll their eyes. Some people like me, like that characteristic about me, and I am thankful!

  • Everything is a possible blogpost!

I will be having a normal conversation with Jana or whoever, and let’s say we were talking about this really good creepy pasta that we read, I will literally jump up and say ‘That would be a good blogpost!’ Jana gets really annoyed when I do that, but a girl’s gotta do what she’s gotta do to get some inspiration

  • I can be really quiet, but then really talkative

Most of the time I will be really quiet but  when I get angry or when I get into a conversation about something that I really like or even hate, I will rant for a really long time. I will mostly turn those things into a blogpost. If you have read my Dear Stalkers…. post, you know that that is one of my longest posts. It was actually a rant that I had with Jana. She told me to write it up, and here it is up on the internet! I have gotten emails after that that said I helped people with that post and it means a lot to me. That is one of the posts that I am really proud of writing, so I really do recommend you reading it. So now lets get back to the post.

  • I am in a really bad mood when I wake up.

If you ever woke me up, then you know that I’m not a morning person. I will swear, and get really violent. Once, my friend in Morocco woke me up, and especially on that day I was jetlagged as fuck, and just needed sleep. I swatted her hand away, but she kept trying to wake me up. I said, and I am not kidding, I wish I was: ‘I swear to fucking Obama, that if you don’t go fuck off now, I will snap your neck’ If you’re reading this Malak, I’m sorry.

  • I get into these moods when I don’t want to talk

I will literally put my headphones in and ignore you. I will not talk to you for an hour or so. I swear I don’t hate you, I just am not in the mood to talk to you right now.

  • I say ‘Okay I’ll do it now’, but never do it

I am sure a lot of people do this, but my mother hates this about me. My friends also point this out; like I’ll tell them that I’ll send them a link, but never get to actually doing it. I’m sorry if I ever do this to you.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post, and I’ll see you tomorrow! If you guys want to see the days before this, then just click here.





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~Rawan M.