9 Reasons To Love Me – 50 Days of Random Things Challenge

HI, Internet! Today I’m back on day 14 of the 50 days of random things challenge. The list asks me to write down 9 reasons why you should love me… SO HERE GOES NOTHING!

  • I am loyal

I have always had a small group of friends, I have a couple things that kinda make it hard for me to be around a lot of people, so small groups of people make it much better for me to communicate. So because I only have a small gourd of friends, then that means that I will probably stay quite close to you, and might be a little clingy.

  • I answer texts fast

Unlike some people *cough* Jana *cough*, I answer texts immediately, or in the first 10 minutes of receiving them. I hate when people that hours to respond, it just kills me. I have a couple friends that answer right away, and I am so happy to have them in my life.

  • I have a weird sense of humor

My friends always keep saying that I have this really weird sense of humor, like I don’t know why, but they just do, so I’m going by their opinion here.

  • I can be sarcastic, sassy, and kind at the same time

okay so this one is kind of conditional. I am only sarcastic and sassy in front of Jana and Mariam (AKA my best friends), but I am kind to everyone, unless your a bitch to me, then that means I’m gonna be a bitch to you too. 🙂

  • I am a music fanatic

I literally find a new band or artist every day and most of the time I fall in love with every one of them! I love music, it is one of my biggest inspirations. I like so many bands: BVB, 5SOS, CMD, MCR, so many, that I think I can make a whole post dedicated to it. My friends like the fact that I am really into music, so I counted this.

  • I give you my blunt opinion

I will not sugar coat things much, if I don’t like it, then I’ll tell you, and if I do then I will tell you. Simple

  • I am a good alibi

When you get in trouble, I can tell whoever got you in trouble you were with me. A good alibi friend is always needed.

(May 2017 Update: Great explanation, Rawan…)

  • I get all the latest news

Out of all my friends, I am that in that always keeps up with the latest internet news and releases. I’m like a walking BBC.

  • I have a lot of theories

I can have long ass cover stations with you about all these Illuminati theories, why I think aliens are real, and how one day a zombie apocalypse will happen. If you don’t stop me, then I will just keep going and going on about all these hypotheses’.

  • Last but not least, I am me

The title of this point sounds vain, but trust me, it isn’t. I am me, I am a weird, smart, sarcastic person. I am the blogger. I am the girl int he corner of the class. I am Rawan. I am the one and only, just like you are the one and only you. You are special because you are you! If somebody doesn’t like that and asks you to change, then fuck them, go ahead and give them the middle finger. Be you and be confident!

(May 2017 Update: I’m looking back at this now and thinking: You should have put this back in the 8 Reasons Why You Should Hate Me post 😂)





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~Rawan M.