What I Want To Do This Year – 50 Days of Random Things Challenge -Day #13

Hi! As you can see today is the 13th day of this challenge! I have been posting every day!!! AHHH! I can’t believe that I haven’t missed a day yet! Let’s not jinx it😂 Okay so today the list asks me to write 10 things that I want to do this year. So 2015 is about to finish, so I’m gonna write what I wanna do I the rest if  2015 and 2016. So here is my list:

  • I wanna travel around the world.

I have 2 more flights scheduled for 2015, but I don’t have any flights scheduled for 2016, but I’m excited to find out where I get to go!

  • Read more

This is a simple one, but such a great one. Now I read about 3 books month, but I want to get even more reading done. I find reading just helps me grow my list erasure skills so I can write more rich posts on here, for you guys.

  • I want to be more confident

Now I have a couple things that kind off set me back on this: physical and emotional. I wish that I can just be more comfortable in my skin. I will have more posts about Gish this in the future, hopefully.

  • Lose weight

I am quite chubby, and I know that. I was huge and I know that, trust me. But I have lost 7 kg this summer alone, and I want to continue that streak.

  • Say yes more

I have said no so many times and now I regret it.  It can be as simple as saying no to going on a roller coaster and as serious as saying no to a sponsorship deal because I was too scared.

  • Forgive people more

I was always the person who wouldn’t agree to the phrase ‘forgive and forget’. I just thought that was stupid. There is no way that I can forget what you did to me. I would never hold a grudge, but if you seriously did something fucked up, then there is no way I can ‘forgive and forget’. Sometimes I can forgive but to forget is another thing.

  • Be more active

Because of some reasons I’m fat really get out of the house much, but it’s really pathetic how I don’t get out of the house. I think I have gone 3 weeks without getting out. So saying yes and being more active, are kinda the same thing.

  • Write more

I think I, wants to write more posts and just write more in general, this year. This challenge has really shown me that writing every day isn’t that hard, you just have to have some will power

  • Take more photos

If have known me for a while, then you know that I love photography, but I don’t take that many photos on the regular bases, so this is just a really simple one,

  • Expand my vocabulary

This is just a thing that I have been trying to do for the begging of time. My first language isn’t English but I speak it better than my mother tongue, so to get my English to an even better point is just great.





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~Rawan M.