50 Days of Random Things Challenge -Day #12

HIYA! Welcome to another blogpost written by yours truly! Today is the 12th consecutive day I have been posting. Are you sick of me yet? I hope not becuase we aren’t even half way through. Okay, so today the list asks me to post a picture of me smiling. SO here it is:

This was a picture I took with some girls that recognized me in Italy. It was so weird, but AWESOME!!! You dont get the feeling! Going to somewhere outside my country to find a reader recognizing me!? And especially because I’m such a new and small blogger. This was before this blog, it was when I had my older blog❤️❤️❤️ I wish I can meet some of you guys! If you ever see me, just come up to me. We can have a chat❤️😊





SNAPCHAT: chickssweet

~Rawan M.