50 Days of Random Things Challenge -Day #8

Hello, and welcome to another blogpost! Today is day 8 out of the 50 day challenge that i have started, i hope you gusy are are enjoying this as much as I am. Today, the list asks me to write something stupid. So here is what happened:

There was once a cow, that lived in a mansion. It had this whole place for its self, so when she got lonley, she gave birth to Lady Gaga. Instead of blood there was glitter, and she came out of the womb singing ‘Born this way’. Then when lady gaga got bored, the cow gave birth to the amazing Tyler Oakely! Lady gaga,Tyler, and the cow lived happly for years, till lady gaga and tyler got married. That was the best wedding ever, they had 5sos play a song, and they ate pizza as dinner and dessert. THE END
This was really weird, and I had to write it at the airport, so sorry if this was disapointing… I LOVE YOU! BYE❤️





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