50 Days of Random Things Challenge- Day #7

Hello, and welcome to another blogpost! Today, is the 7th day of the 50 Days of Random Things Challenge. It has been going well till now, I still haven’t missed a day! YAY! Today, the list asks me to write something deep, so here it goes. This is somethings that I actually think about quite a lot, so let me know if this is normal.

Every once in a while, my mind goes into these really dark places, and it is very hard to get out of them, so this is a little view of what happens in my head.

So everybody dies one day… but when you die, how will you die? Will you feel it? Will you be with someone? Who will find your body? So many questions! But the real thing that I think about is what will happen after. Will people remember you 10 years after you die? Will they visit your grave? What would they say about you? I personally think, that it is really amusing that people still talk shit about you even after you die, that will never stop. But the question is who will talk shit about you? I still think about my gramps, and he died almost 9 years ago. I hope that people remember me for the things I achieved in life. I hope I had an impact on the world, and didn’t just die without accomplishing anything. I hope you achieve what you want, and more.





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