Ranting About Islamophobia and Racism Towards Arabs – 50 Day Challenge Of Random Things- Day #2

Hello, and welcome to another blog post! Today is day 2 of the 50 Day Challenge Of Random Things, and it’s going pretty well. Today, I the list asks me to write about whatever is on my mind right now. So, here it is:

These last couple days, I’ve been really interested in 9/11. People always associate Arabs with 9/11, and especially Saudi citizens. Me being half Saudi, and traveling quite a lot, I do see some discrimination against us, an especially muhajabats (women wearing a head scarf), and most of this happens because of this dreaded day. I get a part of it, but the rest is just fucked up. Okay, I get that there was massive destruction and a shit-ton of bloodshed with more than 3000 people dead, but in the last 14 years, have you seen any major terrorist activities towards you -from Arabs I completely get that many people  died, and families were broken that day, but just because 18 fucked up people did something destructive and horrible, does that mean that all arabs are terrorists? I want to be proud to tell people that I’m from Saudi Arabia, but because of this day and this idea, I dread telling them that, and them just looking at me like I’m a ticking bomb. And the messed up thing is that Americans killed so many innocent people, like the nuclear bomb they dropped on Japan, or the time they went full fucking force on Iraq; just think about it, they killed millions of us, but yet we’re the terrorists. Please just tell me how we’re the terrorists. Just tell me…

I’m sorry this went really deep, but just… I had to get that out there.





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