3 Ways to Add a Pop of Colour to Your Look

Hello, and welcome to another blogpost! Today, I am going to be listing 3 ways that you can add colour to your look. Because dot is the summer time, you wanna have a bit of colour and festivity in your makeup, hair and outfit, so over here, I have three ways/inspirations for you. If you want anymore, pintrest is a great place for that. So… Yeah, that was a short intro…

  1. The first way is very easy, and well-known. You just grab a coloured coal liner and line your water with it. I really like how blue looks on my brown eyes, but you may have to experiment with colours until you found the one you like the best on your eye and skin colour.
  2. The second way is also fairly simple; you just have to apply a bright/neon nail polish to your nails. I personally like dark nail polish, so when I wear bright nail polish, it makes a difference and just adds colour. You may think this is obvious, but unless you wear bright neon colours in the winter, then this makes a difference.
  3. The third way is to get hair chalk. I have blue ombré hair, so I don’t use this, but if you have plain hair this would look awesome. You can do a few strands or do an ombré. Most hair chalk go away after a wash, so you don’t have to worry about it not getting out. I made the commitment to dye my hair blue, and to say the truth, I am loving it.

I am sorry for the short post, I didn’t have that much time…





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~Rawan M.