My Favourite Books

Aloha, beautiful people of the Inter-webs! Today, I will be sharing some of my favourite books with you! I have been going through this book-worm phase the last couple months and have found some books worth rereading and sharing. It is quite funny how I started this ‘phase’, the electricity in my house went out for a couple of hours and I got bored… I am so grateful😂.

  • Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

I found out about this book from an old favourites video of miss.glamorazzie AKA Ingrid Nilsen. She mentioned this, and the whole concept of the book just draws you in. The book talks about a popular girl in high school that goes to a party, while coming back from the party, the car crashes and she dies. She re-lives that same day 7 times and by the 7th time, she knows the mystery of her death and what really happened that day.

before I fall

  • A Works in Progress by Connor Franta

You most probably know Connor Franta, and if you live under a rock and don’t know him, he is an Internet personality/vlogger. He wrote this memoir, and it is one of the most inspirational books I have read so far. There are so many highlighted pages just full of quotes. He is just an amazing roll-model in general, because he doesn’t present himself as perfect, but flawful and normal. He is amazing and this book just gives us a new angle of his life.

a work in progress

  •  The Fault In Our Stars  by John Green

I know, I know! This is such a generic answer, but to be completely honest, I really like this book… I won’t lie… I cried… A lot. I also watched the movie, and to see it on a screen played out, is such a different feeling than physically reading the book. If you haven’t heard about it, I will just summarise it for you; hazel has lung cancer, and meets Augustus, they get along really well, and go to visit Van Houten. When they come back, stuff goes down hill (I am not gonna spoil it 😉 ). Really I do recommend reading the book, but if you want to be lazy, just watch the movie.

the fault in our stars

~Rawan M.

-Update 1 December 2015-

I just had to link this post to an updated one, which you can read here, but now that I looked over this, I feel so embarrassed! This was only written 3 months ago! Oh my lord, this is so weird!

My writing style is so different, and my taste in books has changed much! (Before I Fall is still one of my favourites!

I hope you read my new content and not this piece of shit. I love you! BYE!