Cute Back-to-School Outfits

Aloha, beautiful people of the Inter-webs! Today, I am going to be sharing a couple outfits for the back to school season. I have done a post a while ago for cute summer outfits, so now I just thought it would be a good idea if I post this because school is right around the corner. *cries in the corner*. Here are some outfits for back to school.

To be honest, this is the popular hipster outfit, but I couldn’t not pt it in here. It is an effortless outfit for the lazy girls out there, like me. It just consists of a flannel, you can get any colour of course. Then just some yoga pants, or leggings; you can also wear a pair of back skinny jeans, instead. You can pair them with a pair of wedge boots, or if you wan you can pair them with some sneakers for extra comfort. You can wear your hair up in a messy bun, and put on your hipster glasses, and you are good to go! b2s outfit #1 For the second outfit it is also a really quick and effortless one. It has a loose crop-sweater paired with some highwaisted jeans. You can pull on some vans, and if you have time in the morning you can braid your hair into a fishtail braid. If you are wearing this outfit, you can stay warm because of the sweater, and you can give it a little bit of a pop of diversity with the braid. b2s outfit 2 For the third outfit, we have a black lace skater dress, paired with some maroon coloured wedges. I thought It looked a bit plain so I added this really beautiful necklace. You can add more jewellery  if you want, but I like this a bit plain, with a statement necklace. For the fourth outfit, I have a coral skater skirt, paired with a tribal crop sweater. I found these really cute cat creeper shoes on amazon and I think they are perfect for this outfit.

b2s outfit 3

For the fourth an final outfit, we have a tribal crop top-sweater with a cute coral skater skirt. I found these really cute kitten creeper shoes on amazon, and though they looked adorable with this outfit. It is a simple outfit, but looks girly. It is dress code friendly because skater skirts aren’t really that short, and they are a little high waisted. If the crop top is showing too much skin then you can change it out for a cute blouse.

b2s outift #4

*All picture collages are mine, but the individual pieces are taken from google images.