Bath and Body Works Favourites

Aloha, beautiful people of the Inter-webs! Today, I bring to you my Bath and Body Works Favourites! I only mention 5 over here, but the list goes on, and on, and on, and on…. and on 😉 My favourite thing in general from Bath and Body Works are their candles. I have one lit in my room 24/7, so I think I will have another post dedicated to my favourite candles.

beautiful day

The first product is the Beautiful Day Body Splash. This is just a fresh fruity scent for the spring and summer. It reminds me of this green-apple candy I used to eat when I was little, I don’t really know why… If you want a refreshing pick me up scent, then this is it! It just smells like happiness and joy, if that would be a scent.

endless weekend

The second product is Endless Weekend Body Scrub. I finished this up, as you can see in the photo. That is hard proof that this stuff is the BOMB! After I wax/shave I make sure to scrub my legs with this. It just gives a shimmer residue that will look awesome if you wear a short dress in the summer. It is also really exfoliating- hence it called a scrub.

pink sugar plaum

The third product is the pink sugarplum triple moisture body lotion. This is the best thing to ever happen to human race. period. This is the best lotion in the market. It just sucks into your skin and doesn’t leave that sticky, greasy residue which we all hate. It moisturises really well, and don’t even get me started on the beautiful scent. I got this in the christmas collection a couple years ago.

vanilla ban marshmallo

The fourth product is a candle. It is the Vanilla Bean Marshmallow. It makes the room smell like cupcakes are baking. LIGHT THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK: you will be craving cupcakes! I have finished it up, and am planning on buying another one as soon as possible.true blue

The fifth and final product is the true blue super softening hand lotion. I personally get really dry hands, so when I can find a lotion that will keep them hydrated for a long period of time, I just grab it and go. I have repurchased this so many times, that I think I am on my 5th bottle. You should get this as soon as possible!

~Rawan M.