Blush 101

Aloha, beautiful people of the inter-webs! Today, I am back with another beauty 101! This month, I am bringing you blush 101! This post is quite simple, because blushes are already easy to understand. If you have already read some of my beauty 101 posts, you know that they’re some of the longest posts that I write, but this isn’t that long.

Types of Blushes: 

Powder Blush:

This is the most common blush type, and probably the oldest one. It is just a powder blush, it can be loose or pressed. This has to be used with a brush, or a sponge. It can come in matte, shimmer, satin, and all the other finishes, which I will talk about later. There are different ways to apply blush to your face, and I will also talk about this later.

Cream Blush:

This is getting really popular these days, and especially in the summer time. It has a cream/moose consistency, which is easy to blend with you fingers and/or a brush. They mostly give off a dewy/satin finish. They can come in different finishes as the previous kind. This gives a youthful healthy glow to the face.

Liquid Blush:

This comes in a dropper or a pump. They 2are really pigmented most of the time, as it is concentrated. This is applied using a sponge or a stippling blush. It has a watery-liquid consistency. It gives the same glow to the face as the cream blush. All blushes come in different finishes, as you can see from the previous descriptions.

Cheek Stain:

This is an uber-duper extra lasting blush/stain. It is a water substance that has pigment that staines your cheeks for long periods of time. It leaves a flush on your face that will last all day. It mostly depends on the colour to find out the finish, so you just have to research about the actual product.

Types of Finishes:


This is just really simple; it has no shimmer, it just looks like a simple flush of colour. simple….


These two are really simple and self-explanatory… This is the opposite of the previous finish. It just has glittery shimmer in it.


This is the most natural one of all of them because it has a shimmery sheen but it is not too shimmery… It is matte and shimmer together. It gives you that dewy glow, but not that glittery.