Dear Stalkers….

 Hey, beautiful! Today, I have a more serious topic to discuss.

I really didn’t want to write this post, but I have to.

I have accepted that in this world, not all people like you; but some people haven’t accepted that bringing someone down, will not bring you up.

I am not going to write this whole post just to these people -these stalkers-, but I want to share some information, which I find useless, but these people think that if they share it, it will ruin my life and I will sit in a corner fucking bawling my eyes out. News Flash: It won’t.

Before I start with the deep shit, I just have to clarify that these people indeed are stalkers, and haters; not just people who give me some constructive criticism.

You can tell me that what I am doing wrong and suggest an improvement, but in a nice, and presentable way; not a harsh and hateful tone.

On Wikipedia, the definition of stalking is

unwanted or obsessive attention by an individual or group toward another person. Stalking behaviours are related to harassment and intimidation and may include following the victim in person or monitoring them.’

You can check it out if you don’t believe me.

These people have been monitoring me, or shall I say stalking me in a hateful way, for about a year and half now. This is of course unwanted by me, so it is -by definition – called stalking.

The definition of a hater on the other hand -also on Wikipedia-, is

‘ the word is a derogatory term which refers to a person or group who expresses hatred in public forums, especially those found on the World Wide Web’

; by this definition, they are also haters.

I don’t allow their comments to come through, so that’s why you guys don’t see them.

They see this as a sign of weakness, but I just don’t want negativity to reach to my viewers.

I read them anyway, I have to read them to see if I should let them through or just laugh at the failed attempt to put me down.

I have something to tell you:

I have the fucking right to delete any comments that I want, nobody has the right to tell me not delete negative/hater comments that they left on my blog.

I know the comment box is for sharing opinions, but you sharing hate is not going to be tolerated.

I want to touch on a couple other subjects before I tell you about the information about my past.

Some of you may know that these people have gone as far as to create a Facebook page -that is no longer on the net- called ‘Anti-Rawan Manjal’.

Now I took some pictures on my phone, and they’re really blurry, but I’ll show them to you anyway.


On the Facebook page they posted screenshots of my old blog, which I will talk about in a second.

They have even contacted bloggers that I have worked with, will work with in the future, want to work with in the future, or just people who support me. They send them pictures of my older blog thinking that it will ruin my chances of me working with them.

Some of the people they contacted actually emailed me telling me that these ‘psychotic mega haters’ -this is quoted from an email- have contacted them and sent them pictures from my old blog.

They actually were the ones that suggested that I write this post.

They understood the situation and told me that they don’t see me differently; and I quote, “The email also came with pictures from your previous blog attached, but we ignored them. You’ve moved on. It’s like saying: you are you, and that is awesome.’

This was from a fellow blogger/collab blog that read my posts called ‘black girls do matter’.

That just tells you that their efforts to bring me and my work down is not working.

Now to tell you guys about my older blog.

I’ve had that blog for about a year, but then I shut it down. At about the 3 month period, these stalkers started leaving constructive criticism.

When I hit the 6 month mark, hat became hate, and raging hate. I stopped replying just like any person would have, but then the hate boiled in them, and they decided rage would be better.

Around the 11 month period, I decided it would be a good idea to start deleting the negativity from my (AKA deleting their comments)

Then they went overboard with the hate, that’s when I broke, I created my last post. I don’t have the finished post, but I do have the first draft, which you can see below.

At that time,  already wasn’t liking my blog, and it’s look; I also wanted to transfer to WordPress. So deleting my  blog and replacing it was really easy.

I was new to the blogging world, and didn’t get the use of spell check, so yes my posts had plenty of spelling mistakes, and I know that is un professional, but you have to accept it.

They also say that I wrote fake comments. This is partly true, and this is the only thing that I am ashamed of in my entire blogging journey.

I wrote exactly 3 fake comments, and that was only because I was desperate. All my other comments are real and authentic.

If you, ever so dear haters, are reading this right now -which I know you are-, I just want to tell you that you are not affecting me as you think you are.

I have done you a big favour, as I didn’t put your full names in this post.

I could have reported you to the police, and that is not a fake threat.

I could have traced your IP adress, but I didn’t.

But I will just let you know this: I am not a weak stalker that focuses their entire life on other people.

I am thankful that you are hating on me, that means you are leaving someone else alone.

If you don’t want to humiliate yourselves, I advise you not to stoop to such a low-level, that you have to pull someone down to pull yourselves up.

I am not saying that I am perfect  in any way, I am full of flaws, but you pointing them out, is like you saying that the sky is blue. It is obvious that everyone has flaws.

And I’m sure I can name a shit ton for you.

If you are a hater, I am giving you a challenge. Please comment 5 reasons why you hate me. I will let them all through, and even reply to them. So lets see what you come up with 🙂

I love you all, yes all of you little assholes. ❤

~Rawan M.