Cute Summer Outfits

Aloha, people of the internet! Today I will be sharing some cute summer outfits with you! I have compiled 4 different outfits for all you amazing people, some with skirts, jeans, and shorts. Most of them are casual, but a couple are a bit more fancy.

cute summer outfit #1

The first outfit consists of high waisted bleached skinny jeans, and a coral tank-top, paired with coral wedges. For jewellery, we have gold hoop earrings, and a gold infinity necklace. You can wear flats with this, or even pair this with a cardigan if the weather is a bit chilly (somehow in the summer :P) This is more on the casual side of the spectrum.

cute summer outfit #2

The second outfit consists of a pair of ripped shorts, and a loose tank top with a pair of hightop converse. For jewellery, we have black and white sunglasses, and stud earrings. You can paint your nails a black nail polish to match the outfit as well. This is also on the casual side.

cute summer outfit #3

The third outfit consists of a white crop top and a baby blue high-low skirt paired with a pair of white pumps. For jewellery, I chose a turquoise headband and white sunglasses. This outfit is more classy and fancy than the previous ones.

cute summer outfit #

The fourth and final outfit consists of a pair of high waisted jeans with a floral blouse paired with  coral wedges. I also added some leather friendship bracelets that are optional. This is also a BIT more fancy, but still quite casual.

*All picture collages are mine, but individual pieces are from google images.

~Rawan M.