My Top 5 Favourite Eye-Shadow Pallets (Collaboration)

Aloha, beautiful people of the inter-webs! Today, I am collaborating with Abi from and we decided on posting our top 5 eye pallets. If you want to read her post, she has more drugstore ideas. This is going to be a mixture of high-end and high-street/drugstore, so all of you can benefit from this. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of eye shadow pallets available in the drugstore market, so most of the pallets here are high-end, but one is drugstore… One disclaimer is that I love the naked line from Urban Decay, so I may have three of them mentioned here…Okay, so let me tell you one thing before you go. Abi, is a sweet-heart and you should really check her out. Her writing style is amazing and she is just a sweet person in general. I have only talked to her through email, but I can tell.

Lets start with the drugstore pallet first, since it is the only one. It is the Maybelline The Nudes pallet. I have been using this a lot recently, and have been loving it. I only really started using it this last month, but I actually bought it back in December. I have a review going up on this soon, so just wait for that. It has 12 shades in here and most of them are really good quality, but some are really chalky; more on that in the review.

the nudes maybelline

the nudes maybelline2

the nudes back

The next pallet is the Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes contour kit. If you want an in-depth review, I have one up already for you, but for now I will just give you a brief review It is technically a trio, but I still count it as a pallet… It has three gorgeous shades and a concealer. It has a small packaging which is awesome for travellers. The shades in here blend beautifully together, and look natural yet have a youthful shimmer.

big beautiful eyesbig beautiful eyes 2

The third pallet is the Naked Basics pallet from Urban Decay. I love this pallet so much! If I had to choose one pallet to use for the rest of my life, then i would choose this. It has all mattes then one shimmer highlight. My all time favourite eye-shadow is also from this pallet as you may know; it is faint- the medium matte brown. I also have a review on this if you want to read a full post on it. I seem to have a review on all of these pallets.

urban decay naked basisnaked basics 3

The fourth pallet is also from Urban Decay, actually so is the one after this.This is the Naked 2 pallet. If you read my blog, then you know that I love this pallet to death. Whenever I want a shimmery look, this is what I grab. I used to wear this everyday, but now, I wear more matte shades- hence me loving the naked basics. One of my favourite shades in here is Bootycall, and I actually use that with a lot of looks as a highlight. If you want to read a full review, I have one up also.

Urban Decay naked 2urban decay naked 2 2

The fifth and final pallet is the Naked 3 pallet. I am sorry for putting a lot of the Naked pallets in here, but they are my favourite and I also payed  a lot for them, so I am using them as much as I can. When i first saw this in Sephora, I thought it would make me look like I had pink eye because of the rose tones, but in reality, it makes your whole look a lot more flirty and cute. The rose tones make a more romantic look than bronze tones. I like to wear this in the spring time, for some odd reason, but you can wear anytime you wish. I also have a full review on this, if you would like to read that.

urban decay nked 3urban decay naked 3

~Rawan M.