Review: Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes Pallet

Aloha, beautiful people of the Inter-webs! Today, I am back with a review! I haven’t written a review since April! So, hopefully, I will get some reviews up soon for you beautiful people! Today, I am reviewing the Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes eye contour pallet. I have been using this a lot lately, so I just got the idea to write my opinion on it for you guys.
big beautiful eyes
This pallet comes with 3 eyeshadow, and a boi-ing concealer. The shadows are more pink-rose toned than brown toned, and the concealer only comes in one shade, 02. The eyeshadow are labeled: base, contour, and , liner. The ‘base’ colour is a shimmery light pink-nude; The contour colour is a shimmery rose-bronze; and lastly, the ‘liner’ shade is a matte medium-dark brown. The colours flow together beautifully, and look great on all eye and skin colours. They are all so pigmented and smooth, which makes them extremely bendable. They last a really long time, even without a primer underneath.
 big beautiful eyes 2
The only complaint with this is the concealer… It suits me just fine, but if you are fair or with a deeper skin tone, you will not be able to use this. If Benefit just made the same pallet with the same shadows but different shades of concealer then all costumers can make use out of the concealer and not let it go to waste.
The packaging is really cute and small, but it comes with an eyeshadow brush/applicator and a concealer brush, which I find really great. The mirror is a good size for the pallet, and I can do my makeup with it if I have to. This would be the perfect pallet to take with you for travel because it has your eyeshadow essentials and a concealer.
I don’t really wear the shadows in the way they are labeled, so I will just give you a brief description of how I wear it. I apply an eyeprimer, even if they do last a long time, it is a habit and I have to put it on. Then I put the contour shade all over my lid. With the liner shade, I blend it in the crease of my eye. The base colour I use to highlight my inner corner and brow bone. I go back with the liner shade and line my lower lash line to make the whole look pull together.
I recommend this for everyone! It is a great pallet, but it is a bit pricey… Still totally worth it! If I ran out of this I would probably buy it again.
Basic Information:
Costs $32.00
Available in one shade.
Comes with applicator.
Available at Sephora.
~Rawan M.