Best Friend Tag

Aloha, beautiful people of the inter-webs! Today, I will be posting the long-awaited Best Friend Tag with my best friend Jana! We have only met 8 months ago, but I am closer to her than anybody that I have ever met! We are almost sisters; we have so much in common that it actually scares me sometimes.​
Correct Answer is in Bold
Q1: How and when did you meet?
          Jana: We met on the first day of school this year, I looked around and saw that she was new and said: ‘Hey! Wanna be friends?’ and the rest was history.
          Rawan: We met September 1st 2015 in my school. I was new, she turned to me and asked me if I wanted to be friends.
First Day of school, Jana asked Rawan if she wanted to be friends.
Q2: What is your favorite moment together?
          Jana: Rawan and I are obsessed with this youtuber called TheBajanCanadian, so she went a bit crazy and over-mega-stalked him. She found out every single little detail about him, and it was creepy, but yet we both laughed so hard at her inner-stalker.
          Rawan: Jana and I were praying to god that we will somehow in the future that we would go to vidcon and meet all of our youtubers, but we REALLY wanted to meet JeromeASF and TheBajanCanadian, so we did our little prayer session to do that, then there was a quite period of time, then she started jumping up and down while screaming “JEROME!!!!!”. It was hilarious :’)
No correct answer, Indirect Question
Q3: Describe each-other in one word.
          Jana: smartypants; I am telling the truth!
          Rawan: Bizzare; Jana is really spontaneous and can do really crazy things at weird times.
No correct answer, Indirect Question
Q4: What is her dream job?
         Jana: Banker; Correct answer: Lawyer
         Rawan: Police; Correct answer: Police
Q5: Favorite makeup brand?
        Jana: Benefit; correct answer: Benefit
        Rawan: ELF; Correct answer: Urban Decay
Q6: What is something that annoys you about the other person?
        Jana: silence in awkward situations
        Rawan: When she gets mad and gives the silent treatment, but when she comes back to normal she uses sarcasm a lot.
No Correct Answer, Indirect Question
Q7: If you could go anywhere in the world together, where would it be and why?
       We would go to LA, because it has beautiful weather and just the experience of being in Hollywood is AWESOME! (We know this is a generic answer but we don’t lie :p )
Q8. Favorite inside joke, and explain?
         Jana: Bob, we were talking about how in lucky blocks (A mincraft mod) a zombie with diamond armour spans, so our other friend says that we should use the word BOB instead of boobs; every time someone uses the word bob we three burst out laughing.
         Rawan: As I mentioned before, we really like TheBajanCanadian, and his first name is Mitch…Instead of using much, we use Mitch and it just is really funny.
Q9:Who takes longer to get ready in the morning?
       Jana: Rawan
       Rawan: Me
Rawan takes longer.
Q10: Favorite season?
       Jana: Winter; Correct answer: Spring
       Rawan: Fall; Correct answer: Summer
Q11: What is her favorite song?
     Jana: Kick Me by Sleeping with Sirens; Correct answer: Kick Me by Sleeping with Sirens
     Rawan: Thumbthumping- Chumbawamba; Correct answer: Thumbthumping- Chumbawamba 
Q12: What is it like being best friends with someone who is obsessed with youtube?
    Well, non of us have YouTube channels, but we are both YouTube OBSSESED!!! So, it is normal.
Q13: Heels or Flats?
     Jana: Flats; Correct answer: Flats
     Rawan: Flats: Correct answer: Flats
Q14: Pants or Dress?
    Jana: Pants; Correct answer: Pants
    Rawan: Pants; Correct answer: Pants
Q15: Favorite Animal?
    Jana: Cats; Correct answer: Penguins
    Rawan: Owls; Correct Answer: Owls
Q16: Comedy, Horror, or chick-flick?
    Jana: Comedy; Correct Answer: Horror
    Rawan: Comedy; Correct Answer: Comedy
Q17: Samsung or Iphone?
    Jana: Iphone; Correct answer: Iphone
    Rawan: Samsung; Correct answer: Samsung
Q18: Favorite Movie?
    Jana: 21 Jumpstreet; Correct answer: Anchorman
    Rawan: Now you see me; Correct answer: Now you see me
Q19: Do you have anything matching?
    Jana: Yes, a necklace
    Rawan: Yes, a necklace
Q20: Favorite TV Show?
    Jana: Pretty little liars; Correct answer: American Horror Story
    Rawan: Friends; Correct answer: Teen Titans
~Rawan M.